Are you a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator?

No, I used to be, but I no longer am a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! I had a wonderful experience, made wonderful friends, and have great respect for the company and its products.

Where did you get the social media stamp I see in your photographs?

I got the stamp you see in my card photos from Bossy Joscie, aka Joscie Cutchens. I highly recommend her stamps and have not just the social media stamp that you see in my photos but also one for stamping on the back of my cards along with others. She does a great job!

Do you sell your retired or unwanted stamps?

Yes, I do periodically sell off the stamps I no longer use. Keep checking back!

Do you get all your stuff from companies for free?

I wish! I pay for everything I use unless I say otherwise.

Why JanTink? What happened to Stamps, Paper, Scissors?

I have been JanTink since I first got on AOL and it rejected my other choices for user names. Starting with listserves like the KnitList and internet forums, I have been JanTink ever since. So when I bought my domain long ago, I naturally decided to take jantink.com. When I decided to redo my blog, I wanted to use my domain name as the name of my website.

What are affiliate links, and why should I purchase through them?

Many bloggers participate in affiliate programs. In exchange for linking to websites that sell the products we use, those programs give us a small percentage of the sales that are made through those links. It doesn’t cost you anything more than what you would usually pay, and it helps me to buy more products, which lets me show you how to use them, and you get more enjoyment out of them. It’s the circle of life for a papercrafting blogger, really a win/win situation for you, me, and the companies that make the products.

I’m a blogger too! What affliate company do you participate through?

Most of my affiliated companies work with shareasale.com except for Ellen Hutson LLC, who has their own program through a different company.

What are your privacy policies?

For information on privacy, visit my privacy page.

How can I contact you?

To contact me, visit my contact form page.

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