I am now offering commissioned portraits of your pets

I am now offering commissioned portraits of your pets

I’ve been having such fun drawing and painting dogs and cats that I decided to offer the opportunity for commissioned pet portraits. I am getting so much satisfaction from creating a good portrait that captures the personality of the dog or cat in question! However, I’m not limiting myself to dogs and cats. I can also draw or paint any pet you may have…all I require is good digital photographs.

This is one that I just finished:

Pug Portrait
©Jan Tinklenberg

I first did this happy pug in graphite:

Pug in Graphite
©Jan Tinklenberg

Which I also offer as an alternative to watercolor.

At this time, I’m not offering portraits of people, but that may change!

If you’re interested, you can visit my commissions page.

It’s exciting for me to offer this service!


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