Hallelujah and all that!

Hallelujah and all that!

Dan’s job has been saved!

He got a tentative schedule notice today that said his program would be retained for next year! Still happily in a daze about it all and rejoicing and praising God!

Now, a lot depends on the legislature’s repairing the school aid budget for 2007-2008…they fixed the 2006-2007 shortfall, but the next school year’s budget is still up in the air. But elections are coming in November, what do you bet they get everything hunky dorey by September? Yep…nothing like angry voters for motivating politicians!



And stamps…I can buy stamps again…

Don’t worry…I’m paying it forward and have made some donations to World Vision before I’ve bought any stamps. I’m just so thankful. Thankful to God and thankful for wonderful stamping friends…

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