I Keep On Keepin’ On

I Keep On Keepin’ On

I’ve been so amazed at the outpouring of support from so many of you…thanks a million…it really means a lot to me. So a quick update:

We don’t know nothin’.

Wasn’t that quick? The only news is that the Michigan legislature managed to "find" the money to prevent the cuts at the state level from happening, but Dan has not heard one word about whether that means his program is off the chopping block. Nice, huh? I guess another teacher was cut last week, reinstated for one day, then told she was cut again. So at least they’re not jerking us around like that. But I’m keeping my chin up and off the floor by letting my knees hit it instead. God is in control…it just feels like that commercial where you can’t see who is driving the car…looks like the car is driving itself, so you have to suppress that surge of panic as in your mind you see your entire family lined up on the side of the road holding up signs: "Will work for food"…except that one chick on the end that has a sign that says "Will work for stamps". Who the heck is that anyway? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I spent Tuesday mostly cleaning (after a long weekend with both husband and children home, the house looked like a disaster area!) Yeah, sometimes I do have to clean…sucks, doesn’t it? But once it was done, it opened the rest of the week up to stamping. And then I had a hard time getting inspired. Excuses, excuses…maybe I just need more CHOCOLATE! What do you think?

I have spent the last couple of days working on this layout for Scrappy Chic:


It was a puzzle to me what to use this tie paper from Karen Foster for…neither Dan nor my Dad make a habit of wearing ties and then it came to me. Brilliant, no? (yes, I love myself!) This is a departure from my usual style, but it seemed to need something looser so I went with it. It took me a few days of fiddling to get to the final version.

And yesterday was my upline’s meeting, so I had to make swaps. The theme was wedding or baby. Let me tell you, it was hard figuring out what to do when so many stamps that I used to use for those themes are retiring, so I finally fell back on a triangle trifold and ripped off the design for my last class, just changing the papers and colors:


Ingredients: Stamps: Office Accoutrements, Just So Sayings; Ink: Cool Caribbean, So Saffron, Chocolate Chip; Paper: Certainly Celery, So saffron, Sahara Sand, Whisper White, Notations DP; Other: Spring Bouquet punch, Round Tab Punch, white grosgrain, gold brad.

ANYWAY…it’s the last day of May and you know what that means: Preview ordering tomorrow!!! I’ve looked at my budget; I’ve got a load of sets retired from previous years going up on Ebay tonight…pretty much all the ones I hadn’t sold from my last big sale. I had thought of selling them up here, but I want to get rid of them fairly quickly, so Ebay is the way to go. I can sell all those and have enough money to buy stamps for at least half a year, anyway. But given our current situation, I still want to be circumspect, so some of the stuff I was going to order I will not order. I’m going to concentrate on the stamp sets that we can get an extra discount on and then only ones that I really, really love, plus a few of the embellishments and the new colors. And I was going to expedite my order, but maybe I won’t…I’m still going round and round, as you can see. I’m glad to have the resources that I can sell off to keep going. Once July hits, I’ll be putting up a whack of stamps to sell up here, up on Splitcoast and at my new catalog open house and that will keep me going for another 6 months! So I’ve got my stamps covered and if I keep teaching classes and doing the occasional workshop, that ought to pay for my consumables…I think I can keep doing this!

Of course it would be nice to have a preview brochure to actually LOOK at and order from but, the postal gods have not seen fit to deliver mine yet…I think it’s a plot. Makes me anxious about that beautiful new BOOK that will be coming my way sometime at the end of next month…I can’t wait!

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8 thoughts on “I Keep On Keepin’ On”

  • Hi Jan! Whatever you write, it always puts a smile on my face cuz of your humor!! You could write about cows chewing grass and make it hilarious and interesting!!!
    Your Dad scrap page is cool! Love the ties! The words made me think of the puppy-at-summer-camp commercial where he sings “aint no bugs on me”!!! Im singing to your scrap page!! haha
    Im praying that Dan will keep his job!
    Still cant get the tip jar to work!! LOL

  • Thanks for the laugh of the day! You always manage to bolster my spirits! Only God can help you do that at this time of your life! You’re a real encouragement to me, Jan. I’ll be praying that all will work out just as it should – according to His will, that is! Scary thought isn’t it? But He always knows what’s best for us! How great is that?!

  • Giant hugs, Jan. Why they have to make life so difficult to some of the best people in the world (teachers)is beyond me, but it’s not unique to MI. When I was still teaching spec. ed. seemed I was always low-man on the totem pole, and was thrust into the lay-off frenzy toward the end of the year. It was such an emotional roller coaster, but eventually I learned to breathe deeply, pray and remember that what “they” say was going to change 15 times between April and August, and it always did, because I managed to dodge the bullet a half-dozen times. That being said, my DH was out of work 3 times in five years. I grew so tired of people telling us that it would all work out for the best, I wanted to slug them! They were right, but those periods inbetween were killer. We always managed to scrounge up the mortgage, but I’m still paying for groceries we ate 3 years ago! LOL (Well, maybe that’s not so funny, but. . . you do what you have to do.) Prayers and best wishes. . . Nancy

  • Jan, you should tell us your ebay account so we can help out and you can enable us to stamp at the same time! ๐Ÿ™‚ We do love to be helpful…hehehe.

  • Hi Jan,
    Oooo, I’m so excited! I just signed up for Typepad and you’re the first person I’ve ever left a comment for (yes, I love you).
    I want to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your beautiful work. I’m a teacher, I taught FACS (Home Ec) for 8 years and watched our department go from 5 full timers to 2 full timers in less than 10 years. They don’t even teach sewing at the HS I used to teach at! I knew I needed to get out. So, now I teach middle school (in Illinois). I pray that somehow wisdom and sense will prevail in your state’s government and not only will your husband’s job be safe, but that the kid’s will have the opportunity to take the type of couses that your husband teaches! I just have one question, isn’t your husband tenured? Don’t they have to find somewhere for him to work, even if it isn’t in the area he is degreed in or that he would necessarily pick, as long as he is tenured?
    Anyway, I you have a wonderful sense of humor and I love the fact that you are telling the world that the only way to get through this or any crisis is through the Lord. He will bless you and your family through this!

  • I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Jan. Thanks for keeping us posted! I hope you get some reassuring news soon.

  • Jan- It’s always fun to read your blog! I am saying prayers for you and your husband. As a side note I am reading a book right now with a similar situation and the author reminds us that maybe God has a better plan for us, hard to imagine right now I am sure but you never know what God has planned for us! It’s nice that you share your faith so openly- makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

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