Cliff Hanger, hanging from a cliff…

Cliff Hanger, hanging from a cliff…

I do apologize for not posting yesterday.

My husband was told on Tuesday that his program will probably be eliminated next year, which means no job. At this time, I don’t know what that will mean other than I will probably have to go back to work while he is trying to decide what to do with the rest of his life. Jobs aren’t that thick on the ground for shop teachers, add to that that he is almost 50 years old and has 22 years experience and that makes it worse. A lot of schools would not hire someone like that when they can get a fresh graduate that they can pay peanuts in comparison.

Luckily, I still have a few computer skills and experience in the automotive industry, so I’m hopeful I could land a job with benefits that would pay about half of what my husband was getting. If we refinance our mortgage and drop the payment down, we should be okay, for a while anyway.

When I’m under stress, I don’t really feel like stamping. I usually end up cleaning at times like this, so you know it’s BAD if I’m doing that! I even cleaned up the laundry room…now THAT means it’s really, really BAD.

I don’t know at this point if I will be able to keep doing this and I don’t know if I can keep this blog going as we may have to pinch pennies…even $9 per month has to be considered.

Of course, it may not happen. If the state of Michigan comes up with enough cash to prevent the budget from being slashed it’s possible that Dan will keep his job for at least a while longer. But I don’t know how comfortable we will be able to feel after this…it’s always going to be "out there." Dan doesn’t think they will keep him on even if the budget does not get cut…I’m hopeful, but not really hopeful at this point.

Prayers are earnestly appreciated.

So, here’s a card I made before the boom came down:


This is using a new circle border punch I got from Fiskars. It makes either a 4" or a 6" circle and there are about 6 different patterns. I think it’s really pretty, don’t you? See, even when I’m down and out, I can still enable my friends.

UPDATE: Many of you suggested I add a tip jar to the blog…I have done this. Please don’t donate unless you really want to…having a tip jar meant I actually had to upgrade the blog to the next pricing plan, so if I can’t get enough to keep it at that level I’ll be downgrading the blog back to where it was before. At this point, I’d like to keep this going without worrying about the money. So if you like what you see and spirit moves you, feel free!

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33 thoughts on “Cliff Hanger, hanging from a cliff…”

  • Oh, I so know how you feel. That edge of your seat, what are we gonna do feeling is the pits. 3M closed my husband’s division 3 years ago back in Spokane. That’s how we ended up in Florida. Now, with tax cuts threatening all govt. functions he deals with in his new job selling highway products, we’re on the edge again. No job is safe any more! Stamping is my solace. Hang in there and take care.

  • Yikes! Prayers and hugs to you and your family….
    I love that Cuttlebug folder and have been eyeing those new fiskars punches at Michael’s… Glad to see what can be done with one!
    And if you run out of things to clean, I’m sure you can find PLENTY of ladies who would be happy to help by offering up our messy stamp rooms, laundry rooms, etc! Anything for you…. LOL!

  • holy moley! i’m so sorry to hear this news! isn’t it amazing what states consider imperatives for our children? prayers are with you

  • These are definitely uncertain times we live in. Kudos to you for having skills to fall back on and your willingness to work. Take care and my prayers are with you and your hubby!

  • Oh Jan! I so know how you are feeling right now. My husband got laid off from his job the week before Christmas. He was unemployed for a week (luckily good mechanics are always in demand). However my husband recently dropped the boom and decided to quit his nice, steady employment to pursue working for himself (so I still have the uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach). My prayers and thoughts will be with you!

  • I know how you feel. My husband’s position was eliminated 4 years ago at the ripe age of 57. He worked in data processing for better than 30 years. His was a specialty niche so nothing could be found in our little town. He found a great job in the IS Dept. at a college. He is away all week and only home on weekends. Looking forward to when he/we can retire. The best we can all do is roll with the punches. I sure love your stamping, blog and getting to know you, hope that doesn’t have to change. Sending prayers for you and your husband. {{Hugs}}

  • Jan–we would gladly pay to continue to read your witty blog and see the beautiful things you create! You are the highlight of the day for so many! We pray for the right answers for your family’s future…

  • Hey, Jan, Hang in there! “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.”
    Our state is certainly struggling and my dh has had more work added to his job due to cuts at the school where he works. But at least he still has his job after 35 years, for that we are thankful!
    I will keep you in my prayers.
    Your stampin’ friend “down south” in Athens, MI,

  • I hope that everything goes well with hubby’s job, maybe he’ll get to keep it afterall.
    And I am pretty sure if you put one of those Paypal tip jars here on your blog that you would find more than enough followers, I mean stampers, to cover the costof your blog!
    Good Luck:)

  • Jan,
    Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping things work out okay! My hubby is a teacher and we went thru this when we were first married. New house that needed a lot of updating($20,000 worth of updates later) and they were thinking of cutting kindergarden to half days. If they had he would have been out of a job. After interviewing at several schools we were lucky that they didn’t cut to half days. But what a scare! I hope that is all that you get is a little scare and everything will be okay! But I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Oh Jan, I’m so sorry! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Don’t clean too much and hurt yourself!

  • Jan — You and your family are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. {{{hugs}}}

  • so sorry to hear about the potential job layoff. My dh has been unemployed since mid-October. Partly on purpose – it just wasn’t supposed to take this long for the next step in his new career. It’s been months since I’ve even glanced at the Target # Spot. Now, if that’s not sacrifice, I don’t know what is!

  • Some years back, when the airline my husband worked for went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they did massive layoffs. My husband went from captain to first officer with a 50% paycut. The paycut hurt but the blow to his ego at losing his captain seat was by far the hardest. Much a man’s self worth is tied up with his job and ability to provide for his family. I learned that I needed to be supportive and understanding and have great patience. Hopefully, the worst case scenario will not happen. My prayers to you and your family.

  • Jan-You inspire me weekly with your wit, wisdom, and creations. You worship Shelly, I worship YOU!! :0) Hang in there, I too have been through something like this although my dh was younger at the time. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  • Jan, your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
    Please don’t quit the blog without warning us. You should add a “tip jar” to your site if you need it just so you can keep dazzling us with your amazing projects and fantastic quips about life and “you know who” (the cult leader)… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hi Jan (May You Blog Forever!!)
    Im so sorry to hear that.
    Ill be praying for you guys
    that it all goes well.
    Theres no way I want to go without the Jan Tink Blog,
    so I KNOW that we could find 9 peeps in your fan base that would send $1 a month for the blog, and you wont have to upgrade!!! LOL
    (totally self serving, I know!!)
    I cant imagine clicking on your link and going to blank-screenville!!!! ACK!!

  • Tink: I was going to open with Janine but then I thought no Tink is too darn cute! I am so sorry to hear about Dan’s job. I had my fingers crossed for you guys, but darn it all anyway. Honey you can come stamp with me any time you want to!

  • Jan…I visit your Blog everyday and I have never left a comment but today I just had to. Please know that I am earnestly praying for you and your family. I know exactly how you feel and the stress of financial uncertainty. A verse that I have put to memory is Eph. 3: 17 – 20…..”I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in Him. May your roots go down deep in the soil of God’s marvelous love. May you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high and how deep His love really is. May you experience the love of Christ though it is so great you will never fully understand it. Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God. He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would eveer dare to ask or hope.”
    You are not alone and I’m praying for you my friend.
    Corinne Somerville

  • How do we contribute to the tip jar? I can’t get the link to work. I will be happy to pay in order to read your updates and see your beautiful cards! Good luck to you.

  • Jan,
    I’ve read others comments and dismayed that so many of us can relate so personally to your situation. It is a frightening thing. As a person of faith, the one comfort I always have is that God will provide. It may not be in a way I would choose, or at the time I like, but one way or another, things have always worked out for me. I will be praying for you and your family that you find similar comfort and resolutions.
    Many blessings,
    Jacque (SCS: Petals)

  • Hey Jan! I’m in MI too and I know what you are going through. We met at the Lansing regional dinnner at Clara’s, I believe. My pal Crystal and I were so thrilled to get a JanTink original in the swap. Anyway just wanted to let you know the tip jar isn’t working ;o) and my hubby works for Shore Mortgage if you need a mortgage guy. He’ll take care of you. Ask inkylady – he hooked her up as a preferred appraiser with Shore. Us stampers got to stick together, ya know!

  • Hi- My prayers and thoughts are with you during this time of wonder. We would certainly miss your wonderful blog with your wonderful humor and ideas! Let’s HOPE that you don’t have to come to that measure! Hugs Kay

  • Jan, I’m so sorry! I’ll be praying for you and your family. Remember that this could be a time of pruning to make your life even more fruitful, and that’s a good thing (John 15:2). I love your writings, so, selfishly, I don’t want you to stop! I know that blogger is free…you could always switch! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love ya ~
    Lisa H.

  • First…I’d like to say your card is so gorgeous! I love the elegance of it.
    Second…as a fellow Michigander…I feel your pain in the job area. I sure hope they can come up with something so Dan can keep his job. My DH is a Ford boy…and we know the sadness of that story too.
    Hugs & prayers!!

  • I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s possible unemployment. I know how it is here in the Detroit area. I have been trying to get on with a school district since we moved here last Fall. No one is hiring and now with budget cuts – UGH! I hope our economy picks up SOON. I keep meaning to take one of your classes at Scrappy Chic but my schedule with the kids hasn’t worked out yet. Hope to meet you soon.

  • My DH starts his new job the day after Memorial Day. He has been off for 9 months. Luckily, God is good. He carried us through our rough time. And provided us with a great job. Upper management jobs in the hurting mortgage business aren’t easy to come by. Love each other and don’t let the rough times get to you. If his job doesn’t get cut, that’s a great time to look for other options. It’s eaier to find a job when you have a job. I don’t know if there was ever a truer statement. Keep your head up. You bring great joy to lots of us. You are one person I’d love to meet. Your humor never fails to make me laugh out loud. You and yours will be in my prayers.

  • Jan,
    We have been through this as a family more times than I care to recall! If you are faithful in seeking the will of God in your life, He will open all the right doors for your family. He wants His highest and best for you! Prayers and thoughts to you. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.
    Take care, Faith (faithyc)

  • Hey Jan ~~ Sorry to hear the news about hubby’s job. I can kind of relate ~~ mine didn’t lose his job, instead of closing his plant they gave everyone a HUGE paycut. Five years ago. Ouch!! So, he still has a job, but is making *less* than he was 10 years ago!! And our kids are still young, so I hate to go back to work but it looks like that’s just what I’ll have to do!! Hugs to you, & keeping my fingers crossed that Dan gets to keep his job!! Happy Memorial Day!!

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