More Showing Off, but with a template for you!

More Showing Off, but with a template for you!

I know you guys, you  always want more and more and I’m here to give it to you! Why? Because I am SO NICE…but you knew that, right?

Yes, you can see the word "template" up there in the title, but please restrain yourself…I will reveal all in time. Hey! Keep that finger off your mouse button…don’t scroll down to see what you’re getting! Let the writing flow, let it carry you there like a river! Got yourself under control? Good. Okay, onward and downward….

First, I need to get the first part of the Showing Off out of the way. This weekend I got busy. I wanted to make myself a check book to match my new awesome purse. I had my checks in a checkbook meant to hold a stamped image, but I hadn’t actually gotten around to stamping anything to put in it. For years, I had not even carried a checkbook, since we used Quicken checks printed from our computer and if you want to take one with you, you simply folded it up and put it in your wallet. And after I started paying bills onlines, the 500 checks I had bought the last time took an AWFULLY long time to use up. But, finally, they were gone and I was free to buy normal checks. I say "normal" because Quicken checks are not that check-like; I always got funny looks and comments. So I indulged myself in some Tinkerbell checks, but since I didn’t have a check book, I pulled out one of the vinyl ones I had bought long ago, meaning to make gifts for hostesses and what have you, but it never happened. So I have a lot of them.

Anyway, took me a while to finally get around to doing something with this checkbook cover and here it is:


Isn’t it cute? Originally, I did not put my initials on it, but it was just a little too plain. After I stamped, faux-stitched and cut out my initials, I ended up running a Chocolate Chip marker around the edge of each; they just didn’t stand out enough.

Now on to more showing off:

The template you’ve all been waiting for…tada! Isn’t it CUTE?!?!?!?


And here’s the template:
Download pocketnotespurse.pdf

I adapted this from a template I got from by S. Dailey. Her original was to hold Love Notes, but we are selling Pocket Notes right now and I wanted to adapt it for those. And I found the measurements on her template were a bit off and I wanted a thicker strap, so I twiddled it quite a bit, but the original inspiration remains.

Once I got this done, it was a matter of putting in some good Pocket Notes. It will hold 6 notes with envelopes quite comfortably and you could probably put 2 more in without any problem, depending on how you embellish them. So are you ready for more really stinkin’ cute projects? Here we are:







There now…wasn’t that worth waiting? Don’t you love me now? You love me! You really love me!

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27 thoughts on “More Showing Off, but with a template for you!”

  • Too freakin’ adorable. You are a genius! Love that tote and your note cards are so cute. Was not planning on getting them (spent way too much on SAB) but now i just may have to add them to my wishlist….

  • Your new blog is looking great! I love the Catagories section and the way you take yourself tongue in cheek! I’m always so happy to see a new post in your blog, even if it is just “blathering”! Arlynn

  • Oh WOW Jan! They’re all absolutely fabulous, every stinkin’ one of ’em! You’re just really trying to get me to buy some Pocket Notes, aren’t ya?!?! Well, these cuties of yours will probably just do it! TFS!!

  • Great ideas! I wish I had seen the pocket notes before my workshop yesterday because yours are WAY cuter! However, I did sell pocket notes to all in attendance at the workshop. Woo Hoo!

  • I love you, I really love you! You are amazing; you’re awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing not only your art, your talent, but your incredible wit! Sorry,I have to admit, I had my finger on the mouse and scrolled down before I even read the first sentence!! Thanks Jan!

  • That little tote is just the cutest!!! Thanks for sharing the template you created! I don’t have any pocket notes, but I suppose I could put chocolate in it as a gift.

  • I’m lovin’ ya! You are just the coolest…
    Thanks for the great blog and thank you for the templates.
    Rubber Hugs,

  • OMG!!! Jan, these are marvelous!!! I have a w/s tomorrow and hadn’t decided on a MnT….so, guess what they’ll be doing??? The little note, of course. I’m having a brunch for my DL next month and I think that I’ll have to make this tote with them. How cute! From one Queen to another – thank you so much for sharing!

  • Hi Jan! I have been admiring your work (and your fun personality) as a mostly-lurker on SCS for a long time. The pocket notes and purse are THE BOMB! Love them! Thanks for sharing. Happy stamping! Jane

  • Jan, uour revisions to my purse template are great for using with these larger pocket notes!! I just put in a large order for a stamp camp using these and will now include the purse using your revised purse template. Thank you for doing the math!! My purse template was for the 3 x 3 cards — which I still use for those that don’t want to order the pre-made cards/envies. This is awesome and love all your designs!! Sandi

  • I saw your post on SCS and had to pop over here to see more – I LOVE the box (thanks for the template!) and those notes are adorable! The envelopes add to the flair! Thanks for sharing your designs with us!

  • I am not sure how I ended up on your blog.
    I went from one link to another and got stuck here because I couldn’t get off! There was so much neat stuff to look at!!
    I tried to sign up for your newsletter and it wouldn’t let me for some reason. But anyways I wanted to give you a 2 thumbs up!!
    This is a fantastic blog!!

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