I’ve been Cuttling…..

I’ve been Cuttling…..

It’s a been a busy day so far and it’s only half over! I did not get to stamp until late last night, since Dan decided to practice downstairs, making fascinating discoveries about the nature of guitar cords (not chords) that he revealed to me later. I’m a good wife and I could follow most of it.

I have to wonder if he pays as much attention when I try to explain stamping to him, but oh, well. It makes him happy, and what’s more, since he has his own very expensive hobby that he supports by playing in bands, enduring cigarette smoke and drunks in pursuit of cash to support his habit, he is very sympathetic to my similar plight. That is, enduring the wear and tear on my ink pads, keeping a straight face when customers get ink on my wood, forcing myself to eat chocolate along with my customers and spending late nights developing projects for classes and workshops. He gives me R-E-S-P-E-C-T, which as Aretha tells us, is very important thing.

So last night, as I was closing up the computer and getting ready to go to bed, I suddenly thought of school uniforms languishing in the basement, unwashed, and how my children just might need a few of those. So I went down, threw them in the washer and cast about for something to while away the time until I could throw them in the dryer and go to bed.

I got a new embossing folder in the mail yesterday which was calling my name very loudly, so I proceeded to make this:


I really like this folder! It makes for a great window card. I cut out the window with a craft knife. I found that adding the white craft highlights to the raised part of the image was easiest with a SU! pastel applicator; they are narrower and more durable than Q-Tips. I then colored in the image with markers, one of which is a blender pen with Cool Caribbean ink added to make a custom marker.
And I want to add this open letter to Shelli Gardner (may she live forever):

Dear Shelli (may you live forever),

I love the new In Colors. Please don’t take away my Cool Caribbean at the end of the year! I will simply find existence nearly insupportable if I can’t use this luscious color in my business samples anymore! Don’t let it happen! You’re the boss! You can change your mind about limited meaning limited!
Pretty Please with Dazzling Diamonds on Top?!?!?!?

Your biggest follower, groupie, disciple, fan,

Janine Tinklenberg

Now, I have a request. Please be thinking good thoughts for me as I am talking to a local scrapbooking store owner this evening about teaching classes at her store. I need more cash for the JanTink scrapbooking/stamping machine…didn’t help that when I went to turn in my application today, I spent more money. Maybe I should leave my credit cards at home when I go to these places…having to pay cash would make it much harder. Well, maybe….

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9 thoughts on “I’ve been Cuttling…..”

  • JanTink, You absolutely crack me up! I love reading your blog because I know I will leave with inspiration and a smile! I agree with you on the Cool Carribbean. Maybe you should start a petition! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jenny (jfstamps on SCS)

  • perhaps if we all sent the following letter…
    Dear Shelli (may you live forever per JanTink),
    Jan (may she also live forever) loves the new In Colors. Please don’t take away her Cool Caribbean at the end of the year! She will simply find existence nearly insupportable if she can’t use this luscious color in her business samples anymore! And, since Jan (may she also live forever)is such an inspiration to so very many demonstrators, SU!’s business as a whole could experience a terrible slump. So, again, please don’t take away her Cool Carribean at the end of the year. Don’t let it happen! You’re the boss! You can change your mind about limited meaning limited! Pretty Please with Dazzling Diamonds on Top?!?!?!?
    One of Jan’s (may she also love forever) biggest followers, groupies, disciples, fans,
    Pam Becker
    formerly known as demo #27084

  • wow love that embossing folder; i haven’t seen that one before. does the edging around the entire card come as part of the folder or did you add that yourself? guess i’m off to do a search on embossing folders now – must have that one for my cuttlebug’in!! thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Jan, Maybe it did help that you spent more cash while you were at the LSS… afterall, you got the job, right??? LOL and a hearty congratulations! I love this card and what you did with that small folder, (that I thought I didn’t need)! I hope Shelli listens to her biggest fan! Good Luck!

  • Jan! You stinker! I saw no use for that particular folder. . . Will you just tell me ahead of time what you are getting so that I can get one too? ๐Ÿ˜€ Seriously, great job!

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