Stamper Famous for Tearing Edge Collapses…..

Stamper Famous for Tearing Edge Collapses…..

Tinklenberg, aka JanTink, who enjoys her very tiny fame as the creator
of the stamping soap, "The Tearing Edge", collapsed late Thursday

"I got up this morning," said Dan Tinklenberg, her
husband, ‘"And she was lying on the floor saying, ‘Forty friggin’
flowers…I cut out forty friggin’
flowers…forty…friggin’….flowers..’ That’s it, just kept saying
that over and over. I’ve told her and told her…these swaps are going
to kill her, but she just laughed." Mr. Tinklenberg shook his head.

on the floor in the living room where Mrs. Tinklenberg was found were
Hershey kiss wrappers, the box to National Lampoon’s Christmas
Vacation, which she was apparently watching last night, and the paper
cuttings from many copies of a big flower which was stacked neatly in a
box. A pair of scissors dangled from her limp hand.

Tinklenberg was rushed to the emergency room. Tentative diagnosis:
swapitis. Doctors think she’ll make a full recovery, but they said Mrs.
Tinklenberg is insisting that her husband bring her some stamps and
cardstock from home. "We haven’t seen a case this bad in years!" one
doctor said.

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3 thoughts on “Stamper Famous for Tearing Edge Collapses…..”

  • I was so sure there was a picture of you resting your head in your arms. Now, was this too much reading without enlarging text and my imagination gone wild? I loved this post! Lynn (twinks)

  • OMG, Jan, you had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard I almost peed myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having a blast here reading through your post, sure took my mind off in-laws coming tonight and house being messy – thanks !!

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