Panic mode and…I won, I won, I won!!!

Panic mode and…I won, I won, I won!!!

Okay. All you folks that have those tickers in the bottoms of your
email and forum posts that have a Christmas know, "5
MORE DAYS TO CHRISTMAS"…I want you to stop…right now. I’m in major
panic mode here. I just realized that my children’s last day at school
before Christmas vacation is Wednesday, not Thursday. I don’t have my
Christmas cards done. I don’t have any presents wrapped. I don’t have
them all BOUGHT, now that my mother-in-law sent me money to buy
presents from them because she can’t get around right now. So cut it

BUT…on a better note, did I mention I won? Well, just in passing, but I’ll enlarge on this subject…


I won the Wonderful Winter Mini contest with this card, which I showed you a few days ago:

holy coolio cow is that?!?!?! I’ve never won a contest with Stampin’
Up! before! I’ve gotten on the "BIG SHOW" (Stamper’s Showcase) 3 times,
but never a contest. And all because I forgot to order the set I signed
up for to begin with!! I had signed up to use Perennial Friendship and,
in the process of engineering my preorder for maximum hostess benefits,
took it off my main order meaning to put it on the hostess bennie part
or ‘tother way ’round, I can’t remember, ANYWAY, I forgot to put it
back on. So I had to use something else and this is what I picked! As
part of the swap, Lisa, our gracious swap mom, sends a copy of every
swap to Stampin’ Up! if we put an extra one in for them, which I
always, always do.

When I got the email yesterday, I was already
riding a high from getting the free set in the mail from Shelli as well
as receiving my Dirty Dozen Gift Exchange present from Chantel…this:

it not just gorgeous? How lucky am I? HOLY COW!!!! Not only did I get
this in the mail, plus the free set (more of that when I get a chance
to stamp with it), but then, oh then…

I’m cooking dinner
(humble hamburger stroganoff) and I sit down at the computer to check
my email and obsessively check this blog to see if I got any comments
on yesterday’s post, and there it was in my inbox…the email from the
editor of On Stage mag saying I won. I won, I won, I won…a MAJOR
AWARD!!! (Yes, I am A Christmas Story freak!)

this achievement, I get my picture in On Stage magazine next to the
picture of my card and…it gets better…3 free stamp sets! Yay!!!!
I’m dancing around the living room and Dan is on his cell phone
thinking, "What is up with my wife?" Then I started emailing and
calling people. Because I’m so….freakin’….excited!!!

So, my
gracious public, Life is Good…except for the panic. I could do
without that. Think of me, rejoicing and panicking, panicking and
rejoicing. Today I am going to be SUPERWOMAN and bring the Christmas
tree inside the house, start my Christmas cards, do laundry, wrap
presents, panic, make cards, panic, and don’t even ask about bringing
home any bacon and frying it up in a pan, ’cause I just don’t have

Oh…did I mention I won? Ooops…guess I did!

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