I suffer. I am a paper addict.

Oh, I used to be addicted to
stamps, sure. Selling them sort of cured me of it. I finally got
convinced that no matter how many wonderful stamps there were to buy,
some day there would be even more wonderful stamps to buy and that a) I
didn’t need to keep all the ones I had ever bought and b) I didn’t need
to buy all the ones I liked. Phew! It mostly works that way (let’s
say…about 75% of the time.)

But I’m still addicted to paper. I
haven’t yet convinced myself that no matter how much wonderful paper
there is to buy that a) I didn’t need to worry about using up the paper
I had and not having enough or b) I didn’t need to buy all the paper I
liked. So what happens is that thanks to both a) and b) I keep buying
the stuff.

I suppose there isn’t really anything WRONG with
buying lots of paper. It’s cheap after all. Cheaper than, say, yarn, to
which I am also addicted, I will say. So addicted that I have to
carefully stay away from yarn stores now because I finally twigged to
the idea that if I go in a yarn store, I will come out with more yarn.
I can’t knit it up fast enough is the problem.

With paper,
though, not only don’t I stay away from stores that sell it, I hardly
use what I buy at all. I don’t scrapbook the way I used to, but I still
stockpile scrapbooking paper. And so much of it is soooo gorgeous that
once I buy it, I have a problem finding a project worthy of it.

Here’s just part of my paper storage. This tower is my 12 x 12
patterned paper, plus my SU! 12 x 12 patterned paper and die cut stuff.
I think I will probably run out of space here soon.

Like a lot
of messy types, I am addicted to buying storage options. Instead of
getting rid of stuff, we tend to just buy more ways to store the stuff
we have, then we acquire more of it and the whole problem starts over
again when we max out the storage we have. I’m thinking I should switch
to a vertical system; I already have my solid paper in the units SU!
sells, but in order to do all of those, this whole dresser top has to
be cleared off. That means some of the stuff on it has to find other
homes…sigh…decisions, decisions.

I’d show you more of my stamp room…but not yet. I need to clean it.

This is the paper I acquired in the past week or so…I have a weakness for shabby-chic, you’ll notice:

we have paper by Bohemia, Sentiments, and Wild Asparagus. I bought the
12 x 12 patterns for Bohemia and Sentiments last week, only to find
that they had put all the paper do dads to match out this week, so I
bought a bunch of those plus this selection of Wild Asparagus paper. I
love this stuff. Now if I could only USE it, I’d be happy.

also used to have an addiction to scrapbooking and stamping tools. I
had to have the latest and greatest everything. Now I just stick, for
the most part, to stuff I sell, but since I’ve bought most of that, I
am rarely tempted by the latest gadget. It has to be super useful for
me to even want it. So while my friends are all lusting after Cricuts
and Wishblades, I’m content not to have one. Not that I’d turn one down
if somebody gave it to me.

In the meantime; if you want to
subscribe to the blog, I’ve added a button for Bloglines, which lets
you keep track of the blogs you like to read. It’s over there on the
right side of the screen.

Right now I’m working on the On Board
Bitty Book in the Holiday Mini. I decided to make it a mini BOO Book
and put Halloween pictures in it. A mini scrapbook of sorts. I thought
it would also make a great teacher’s gift with all the kids’ class
pictures in it. But now that I have an Epson Picture Mate, I can print
my pictures in half sheet size and wallet size and this little book
will be perfect for those little pictures.

I’m not totally satisfied with the outside yet…it’s cute, just doesn’t look DONE. The paper is also from the Holiday Mini.

put the paper on with our glue stick…just totally coated the back of
the paper or the piece of chipboard and used my bone folder to burnish
it down. Now I need to go on to make the little pages and figure out
just WHAT is missing here.

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